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In case you were wondering...

Yes, J&A are siblings. No they are not twins. But considering how in sync they are with one another, and how much they look alike, they realize it could be hard to believe!


This dynamic duo is certainly no stranger to the stage; they've been capturing audiences with their voices, an acoustic guitar, and bongos, ever since they've learned how to sign an autograph. J&A's harmonies are magical, and their banter on stage is comedic and entertaining -- after all, a little sibling rivalry is only natural.


Many may say Justin, an old soul, is a little bit more “singer-songwriter” with the heart of an r&b singer. While, Alina, a playful sasser, is a little bit more of a “pop-rock diva”.


Complementary to one another, they join together to write music from the heart with the intent to uplift themselves, eachother, and their listeners.


At a J&A show, in addition to their own songs, you can expect to hear their creative take on their latest favorite Top 40 hits on the radio.


Justin and Alina both welcome you with open arms, peace, and love!


With that being said, Join the FAMILY, and Follow the JOURNEY!


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